Game Overview

List to Last is a term used in Real Estate by agents to describe the nature of the industry; meaning if you can’t get listings in order to make money….you probably won’t survive in the Real Estate business. To win this show, the Agents must “List” (win listings) to “Last” (stay on the show).

The format which has been created for the List to Last Game show results in a highly competitive platform that allows the seller (You) to interview 5 of the top agents in our market at the same time. The step-by-step competition reveals which agent may in fact be the most knowledgeable about your home and neighborhood and will also give you insight into which agent is likely the best fit for you and your home. At the end of the game show process, you ultimately select the agent that you want to sell your home.

Basic Overview of the show:

  • Agent introductions via video clips – There are 5 agents competing to win listings
  • Seller introductions (there are 4 sellers that appear on each episode)
  • Round 1 – Agents Guess the home value based on details provided (think “The Price is Right”); top 3 agents move on to round 2.
  • Round 2 – Sellers Interview and select from top 3 agents (think “Shark Tank”)
  • Seller selects the agent that is the best fit, that agent essentially wins the listing
  • Agents accumulate points on each episode and throughout the season
  • To keep playing, the agents must “List” (win listings) to “Last” (stay on the show)
  • Top 3 agents move on to the next season; bottom 2 agents are replaced

The more detailed format of the show is as follows:

  • Introduction of the 5 competing Real Estate Agents via 15 second video clips
  • Introduction of the sellers and their home (4 different sellers will appear, so 4 homes that need to be sold on each episode)
Round 1
Round 2
Video Production

Guess the list price:

  • Seller’s pitch the agents, then discuss details their home and needs
  • Agents view some basic interior & exterior photos of the property
  • Review of the recent home inspection and repairs needed
  • Agents submit their initial list pricing to the sellers – displayed on reader boards that other agents cannot see
  • Listing Video is revealed to the Agents showing the home in more detail
  • Agents can then ask questions, and refine their guess by 10% or less
  • Each agent then locks in their confidential final guess of the home’s market value
  • All agent’s list prices are revealed to all participants and compared to the estimated market value
  • The top 3 agents that guessed closest to the market value move onto round 2.

Q & A with top agents

  • Sellers then interview the top 3 agents to understand their differences
  • Sellers can ask the agents about listing strategy, pricing, tactics, etc.
  • The agents can also explain to the seller why they are the best and why they should be chosen over the other agents.
  • The seller finally picks their listing agent based on best fit for them and their home.

for TV and Online viewing

  • Once the show is recorded, it will be edited, and a 1-hour long show will be produced for TV and online viewing.
  • Each episode will be aired/debuted on the same day that the homes from the show are listed, therefore viewers can see the new homes listings and schedule a showing if they are interested to learn more.
  • Each episode will air on local network TV during the first week of listing
  • Each episode will be marketed online, such as Facebook and other social media outlets to attract more viewers
  • Each Agent will also be required to share the game show video link on a variety of social media platforms, thereby creating more buzz and excitement around the homes which are offered for sale on the show.

Why does this marketing format work so well?

This game show format provides the agents with an opportunity to show off their home pricing skills, listings tactics, as well as their unique personalities. This method gives the sellers direct insight into which agent seems to know their neighborhood the best, who is most knowledgeable with respect to pricing, and which personality is the best fit for them (the seller).

Once the video production is complete, the properties that were used on the show will be listed on the same day that the show airs on local TV and multiple online channels. This simultaneous airing and listing date creates an incredible buzz and excitement around these homes coming to the market.

This platform will:

  • create a significantly higher level of buyer traffic for the seller
  • produce superior results compared to traditional home listings strategies.
  • allow you (the seller) to sell your home faster and for a higher price than you would have using traditional selling strategies.
  • let you quickly and efficiently interview 5 top agents from your market area, and then select the best agent that fits you and your home

Certainly, you could have found them on your own, but the interview and agent selection process can be time-consuming and intimidating for most sellers. Our platform gives you as the seller all the power and control to get answers to the questions that are most relevant to your unique situation. When agents are under pressure, you see their true colors, making it easier for you as a seller to identify who may in fact be the best agent of the bunch. You, the seller, is the ultimate winner of this game show!

Fill Out An Application

If you want to be on the show, please submit your information to our Executive Team for review. We will review your property and conduct general market research to see if your property is a good candidate for the show.

If your home is granted preliminary approval for the show a project manager will be assigned to you and you will begin working through the initial steps of the selection process.

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